Emirates Airlines: Experience the Richness in Air Travel
04.06.2013 15:57

Emirates Airlines has become the new face of the aviation industry of the Middle Eastern countries. Not being too old in the industry, the airline has managed to sweep in wide and large amount of success in short period of time. This has been particularly made possible due to the attitude of the company heads, which have enlisted a never to compromise in the quality principle for all their flights taking anywhere around the world.

The airline that started with just two aircraft has today obtained the privilege of being called one of the largest operating airlines throughout the Middle East, and due to its deluxe quality offered to the passengers, this has become the first choice of people traveling to Dubai form anywhere across the world say, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Dallas etc.

Some of the things that make your Emirates flights worth enjoyable are:

  • You get two shower Spas, along with LCD monitor
  • Each seat has got its own privacy, with befitted lamps, dressing tables and 23 inch touch screen LCS monitor. Besides, the seats recline to full flat so as to give you complete ease and comfort while sleeping.
  • The food served on board is all menu based and the dishes are completely based upon the choice of passengers, like what they select from the gourmet selections.

The flying experience you obtain with the Emirates Airlines is truly memorable. In addition to that other wide array of facilities and luxuries you are offered with on and off board are truly commendable.


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